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Getting better

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Nov. 14th, 2006 | 06:07 pm
mood: awake
posted by: smooow in heroin_support

Thinks have settled down now somewhat and im begining to see some sort of light at the end of the tunnel so to speek. i know alot of my problems are coming from not being able to deal with where im living and the people around me here. Living were i do i almost feel like i shouldent be doing anything and have fallen into some sort of dilema were i cant get myself up and moving out of the problems around me.

I am now engaged to my lovly partner Paula she has given me the strengh and the support not to turn back on my path, and we have decided to move into her mums place for a few months so we can live together and start wokikng as a team to get out of our situation..

I do feel nervious about living with someone again, especialy after the last time whent so desaterly wrong. and i ended up with a monster habit and losing nearly everything i owned. I know she is nothinglike my last girlfirend she has maturity on her side and she realy realy does love me, i can feel it, where as in my other relashonships i never could feel loved. paula makes me feel special and wanted and in return i do the same for her.

I know after the move i can realy start to rebuild my life. my cacoon stage is almost finshed and i can feel myself wanting to bust free and fly.....

Its time i can feel it.

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