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Xmass habbits

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Dec. 20th, 2006 | 01:34 pm
mood: accomplished
posted by: smooow in heroin_support

Happy chrismass everyone!!!! this will be my frist clean chrismass for a good few years now and im looking forward to it. im still waiting for the benifits people to send me my payment so i can get stuff in for christmass. i need to get pressents and food in for the fewdays of festivenesss.

I also have got myself a littlebit of work in, this is realy helping get my brain back on tract, also i have gone back upto 6 mil in my tabs thats up by 2 mil to 6.
im not so happy about this right now, butim under alot of strain and need the extra 2 mil.
sometimes life can realy poke you in the eye. lol

I have felt my useual sadness around xmas time, but it has passed now and im rather lookikng forward to it. xmass allways makes me think about my family and how fucked upo thinks are, i also have two children as well that i wont be seeing on xmass day, i will miss them loads but i just have to get on with my life and make something of myself so i can give support to my ospring :)

My dreams have faded now somewhat and the years have begun to mellow me. my time with H has tought me a grate deal about myself and what i can be like. Life with H is no life at all, it totlay drains you of feeling. this i feel is why it is so addictive as it protects you from the thinks that harm you emotionaly. you dont feel them so you dont react in the way you should ie( a friend tells you your fucked up and your a rubish friend) you dont even care what they think anymore you cant feel it so you dont react. its so sad.

thats it from me for today
happy xmass everyone


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Good luck with things

from: mramell
date: Jan. 2nd, 2007 06:52 am (UTC)

Hi Steve,
I'm Marty from the US in Texas (no cowboy here) and read a few of your posts and want to congratulate you on your decision to get yourself on the right track especially after that episode with speed. Boy, did that ever bring back some real vivid memories!
I've been on methadone now almost 4 years and my dosage is all the way up to 135 mgs and I'm going to begin the long road of a slow detox off of it this week I don't take tablets, just the red liquid here is available and I have to go to a clinic 6 days per week or 12 per fortnight. That in itself is reason enough to want to quit, but I have plenty of other reasons as well.
Anyway, before I get to carried away with this post and trust me, I will if I haven't already,I'm not a member as of yet. I'm still waiting for my approval if I get it.
Good luck with your plans on kicking off this stuff. I hope the wilderness works, but it worries me as well. You might want to pack a few away just in case it gets to rough, but don't take them unless absolutely necessary. However it comes out keep us posted. Keep your head up and your back to the wind.

Always, In Texas,

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