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I will the fight for my appeal

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Feb. 3rd, 2007 | 01:16 pm
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posted by: smooow in heroin_support

Today is a good day to be updateing my journal xmass is now well and truley behind us and valantines day fast approches. let me tell you about a letter i got in the post today, as followers of this journal you will of seen that the goverment saw fit to stop my beifits wile i was on a detox plan. they made up stuff and the doctor lied.!!! etc etc just cos they need to get the figures for sickness beinfit lower by anyways they seem fit. ITs rely starting to feel like they dont likes us for being ill and will go out there way to put the boot in when ever they can, but at the same time show your glossey adverts on the telleys saying how much they want to help you. in reality they dont want to help you, they havent got the time or even the resources to look for actual jobs for people there two buissy processing the clamins part of it and totaly forgeting to provide the service that they were orignaly intended to do. JOB adviser/ on SS benifit advicers, theres people have some many diufrrent roles and names they cannot possabile cover everything that they have to do. so by the time you walk upto sighn on and get help with looking for work.

they just sit you down ask if theres any changes then you sign the bit of paper then your gone, buy this time you just want to get out of there, as you will have been waiting as standred of at least and 1 hour, buy this time all the insperation and motivation about the job post we have just seen is wip[ed out buy twiching and ansious waiting time waiting to do a simple thing like sign on.

I do feel sorry for them but im also aware that they are there to help and most of the time they cant as there buissy or dont know! or have heard of the princes trust for example? what was it she asked me? I decided to ask her anymore about self empolyment incase she wanted me to explain that option to her.

Give us back our Job advisers and give us back our Social money workers give them more money they do a realy needed job and {ok stop im gonna stop ranting now and get back to the point}

hell ile start again this rant deserves its own space

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