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full story of the fight

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Feb. 3rd, 2007 | 01:40 pm
posted by: smooow in heroin_support

On the 02/02/2007 the APPEAL TRIBUNAL held at DERBY
By a Normal Bod and a Dr dude.

reveiew my case in a fair and un bioss manner. they found that after lookikng at it the I did forfill the right crytereia for the test and i have one my appeal with 4 added points to score a totaly of 17 points wowowo..!!!

this basicaly meens that i will no longer be on a £75 every 2 weeks i will get my 25% they took from my money wile my case weas being held i asked them why they were takeing 25% and they said incase you lose your appeal we havent go as much money to try and get back of you. i said i havent been found guilty of anything yet my case is going to appeal and your punishing me?

they replly were not punishing you, i said REALY then what do you call it then, takikng 25% of soeone income away when u heardly get enough the law says your allwoed to live on each week, and you have very big trouble and mounting depts. that is punishment through the back door.
They did say tho if i win my appeal then i have the right to claim back everything they took from me all the 25% they took each week.

i have now got closure i can get on with getting my life sorted out and cleaning up my act. this has realy beeen dragging on but im glad i did it, im glad i stood up to be counted i feel the new power of life full intergrating with my system.

If anyone wants a hand with appealing there case give me a shout and ile give you some notes.

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