Heroin Support Group

Cleaning up and Getting Out.

Heroin Support Group "Cleaning up and Getting out"
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Hi everyone I have set up this community to support myself and others as they come of Herion, what every way you are doing your (cold Turkey)You are welcome here. I have been Clean for about 5 weeks now and i think im doing ok, but i would like to speek to other people around the world that are doing the same sort of thing.
I want to be able to use this community to post about how im feeling and rant all the feelings that are coming back to me since i started this long processs. I would like others to use this place for the same reason.

Few Ground rule`s

1. Im not Going to except memebers who have no intention of Quitting and just want to rant about how good Heroin is, I know how good it is!! Thats why im in this mess now :) there are plenty communities out there where you can tell your Heroin Tales post there.

2. This is a non judgmental Community and it is my intention to create a safe space to rant, beyond the confines of the normal support processs you may be going through. ie detox centers, drug rehab places etc.
Real support from real users going through the same process.

3. This community is open to new ideas about getting of Heroin and to strive to find alternative methods to do this, through discussion, shared experience and knowlage of users world wide.
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